Infrastructure Systems

HAB Space and Aviation Organized Industrial Zone


by Using natural and economical resources efficiently designing a sustainable transportation network project affects directly the preservation of ecological condition and health. Accounting economic and ecological resource management, assuring the transportation project with engineering criteria is important same as esthetics stability, durability and economy.

Domestic Water

At today’s the world needs and consumptions of drinkable water demand increases at worldwide, that’s why different water resources research, investigation and preventing water waste gains much more importance. Transmiƫng the water with most economical method to growing cities and other settlements needs a serious study and surveying. Water has to be healthy transmiƩed and distributed to cities and then to homes, to do so a proper closed conduit network system also has to be healthy and working. The closed conduit network model should be designed in order to acquire minimum water leak. Furthermore, in both short term and long term to eliminate possible problem, appropriate storage area, easy network inspection, easy leak detection and some other criteria are important to supply water to settlements.

Sanitary Sewer System

Sewage network is the most important elements of today’s modern urban cities. The sewer water has to be gathered and removed from city and then necessary treatment process also be followed. When a sanitary sewer network system designing, the future requirement and demand should be planned by research and survey studies.

Storm Water System

After rainfall turns to runoff at cities, it has to be transferred to underground storm water system in order to prevent loss of life and property. Design of such a system needs serious engineering experience