Application Projects

The application project is the version of the work whose final project has already been completed, to be implemented by the field engineer. At this stage, the work is organized according to the content of the specification and detailed with all kinds of plans and sections. The implementation project roughly consists of the components listed below:

  • Information about the type of material to be used.
  • Details of the excavation to be carried out.
  • The place where the excavated material will be poured.
  • The type of formworks to be made and the number of times they will be used.
  • Placement order and concrete covers for the reinforcement steel to be placed in the formwork.
  • Suitability of materials for installation.
  • Special steel requirement and usage method.
  • How and how much concrete will be poured, the location of the joints.
  • All kinds of plans and section drawings related to the work.