Dam and Irrigation

It is impossible to think of a life without water on earth. The so-called cradle of civilization from ancient times to the present day has always been established near the water basins, and civilizations have emerged in the lands that water gives life to. Throughout history, societies, which have been able to benefit from rivers, established the most advanced civilizations of their period and those who did not find themselves had to leave their homeland and migrate. The Mesopotamia, which was shown as the first source of civilization on earth, and where the first agriculture was carried out in the fertile soil, owes this hosting to the fertile waters of the Tigris and Euphrates. B.C. It is known that in 3000 years, a river canal was constructed by the Sumerians and the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers were connected to each other

Today, water and irrigation maintain the same importance and it is seen that water supply has become a strategic commodity with the fact that water supply cannot meet the demands of the increasing world population. The most important factor that will affect the use and quality of water resources in the future will be the population. By 2050, the world population in 2010 will be increased by 30%..

The world’s total annual food production is at a level to meet the world’s consumption. However, there are differences in the amount of production per capita between various regions. In developing countries, up to 60% of agricultural employment has fallen to 7% in developed countries. In other words, in developing countries, a person engaged in agriculture feeds about 2 people including himself, while in developed countries this value can reach up to 14 people. In our country, the agricultural employment rate is about 25%, and each person employed in agriculture feeds 4 people including himself.

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Kızılırmak Tımarlı Irrigation Project

The agricultural and industrial sectors are in a mutual relationship with each other and are mutually nourishing. In the course of economic development, they should not be neglected

The successful implementation of irrigation is directly related to the proper design of the system with adequate and necessary engineering knowledge

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