About Us

N E T S U with the solutions produced in the fields of engineering, consultancy, design and project management, combined with the knowledge and experience of three engineers specialized in their fields; was established with the objective of providing engineering services more open to development and growth and with a higher sustainability.

N E T S U, which has signed dozens of successful projects since 2010, has brought contemporary and innovative solutions to today's engineering problems, and has achieved a distinguished place in the energy and infrastructure services sector by providing high level studies both in terms of technical and content with its international experience. N E T S U, which raises the standards and expands the perspectives with its achievements, continues its activities without losing anything from the excitement and innovative spirit of the first day with the understanding of producing reliable and competitive solutions for all business partners.

OUR VISION Being aware of the responsibilities we undertake, we can always be the best by prioritizing quality, and creating the highest social and economic value for our country through exemplary studies.

OUR MISSION Our experience and knowledge of the principles we have confirmed the basis of the structure we have laid firmly adhering to the values of innovation and development, always open to future generations, to produce the best service with the power we receive from our employees. O

OUR VALUES It is our indispensable principle to work as long as we can and to achieve our targeted success without compromising honesty to fulfill our responsibilities in a timely and qualified manner. Our history built on reputation is a first-hand confirmation of this.

It is our priority to integrate contemporary and universal approaches with our own values, to create our future without losing our essence, and to contribute to our business partners with our constantly learning and developing structure with the understanding of innovation. Based on the fact that even the smallest works are revealed by the fact that people trust and support each other, all members of our team that are interlocked with each other like family have adopted the spirit of Unity with love, respect and devotion.

Our main objective is to ensure that our activities are in harmony with the interests of the country and society and that we fulfill our responsibilities for a sustainable future by taking into consideration the Social Benefit with the awareness that we are a part of the society that educates us.

As the necessity of respecting the environment, which we will inherit for future generations, it is our first and most important duty to maintain all our business processes without interfering with the ecological order and damaging the nature and improving the quality of social life.